Bespoke Poems

Bespoke Poems for Weddings, Birthdays, Events, Leaving and Retirement Parties

When my eldest son got married recently, he asked me to chose a passage or poem I would like to read during the service. As it was a civil service, the legal requirements stipulated there could be no religious references. I scoured my large collection of books, as well as the internet, but couldn’t find anything I liked that hadn’t already been used several times at other weddings we’ve attended recently. Therefore, I decided to write a bespoke poem for Samuel and his bride and present it in a booklet which matched the wedding stationery I designed and made for them. The poem I wrote can be seen below.

I enjoyed the challenge of creating a unique, personal poem for the happy couple and was delighted to receive myriad compliments from their guests. Following this, several people asked me to write them a bespoke poem for a variety of special occasions. Events have included weddings, birthdays, staff leaving and retirement parties.

I enjoyed writing these poems so much, and have received such positive feedback, that I have decided to advertise my bespoke poetry writing service more widely. Please get in touch if you would like me to create something unique and special for you. Prices start from just £55 for six, 4 line verses, emailed directly to you. For an additional £6.50 (including P&P) I can also make you an A5 presentation booklet of your poem in colours of your choice.
poem booklet standing

North and South Together

They say that opposites attract,
Today we see that’s true.
Blond hair contrasts with raven locks.
Brown eyes gaze into blue.

She’s from ‘Oop North’, a Yorkshire lass,
Spoons stand up in her tea.
He’s Southern born and six feet tall,
While she’s just five foot three.

He is the strong and silent type.
She’s fulsome and loquacious.
She saves the pennies prudently,
Whilst he’s much more audacious!

Like magnets drawn by mystic force
They’re bound together now,
But can such opposites stay true,
And, if they can, then how?

The wonderful man I married,
Taught me what real love is.
Through thick and thin he’s shown me and
What I have learned is this:

Love is honest, it does not lie,
Deceive or become craven.
It sets us free to be ourselves
In a warm, secure, haven.

Contrary to adverts on TV
Love’s not driven by a car,
Nor status, wealth or airbrushed looks,
Transient as they are.

Love is not shallow, slushy stuff,
Costly gifts or gilding.
Love’s woven in our weft and warp,
The cornerstone of our building.

True loving kindness is gentle,
Yet strong and most protective.
Willing to admit when it’s wrong,
See another’s perspective.

Love accepts the other’s weakness
Entirely, warts and all,
Laughs tenderly at foibles,
Doesn’t seek to overhaul.

Caring, loyal and unselfish
Is what marriage should be.
Sharing sorrows and doubling joys,
While laughing frequently.

Actions speak louder than mere words
Do small things with great love.
Let one another’s happiness
Be what you’re thinking of.

Mutual respect and courtesy,
Being the best of friends,
All these things ensure your marriage
Has love that never ends.

As you start your new adventure,
You carry a precious part
Of each other’s dreams and desires,
Keep them safe within your heart.

Go forth from here, knowing that now
You are one together.
May your love and commitment bind
North and South forever.

© Helen Jameson October 2015

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