Helen Jameson

I am a highly qualified teacher with more than thirty years of teaching experience in both state-maintained and independent schools.  My special interests are in Children’s Literature and educational research that focuses on teaching and learning which is effective, meaningful and creative.  I have spoken at international conferences and my research work has been published.  In 2009, I completed my research thesis and was awarded a Master’s Degree from Cambridge University.

  • Qualified teacher (MPhil, PGCE);
  • DBS checked (formerly known as CRB);
  • 30+ years teaching experience working with both adults and children aged 5 – 13 years;
  • Married, mother of three;
  • Patient, kind and caring;
  • Passionate about making learning interesting, relevant and fun!
  • Inspires learners to reach their potential.

My Academic Background and Teaching Career

I received my first degree in Chemistry and Psychology from the University of London in 1980.  The following year, I went on to qualify as a teacher (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education).  I then spent seven happy years teaching in Inner London primary schools before moving to East Anglia, where I taught in state-maintained First and Middle Schools in Suffolk and Essex.  Having had three children of my own in quick succession, I worked part-time for several years as a supply teacher and tutor for evening classes in Adult Literacy and Numeracy.  I also ran an Educational Guidance Service, worked as a volunteer youth club leader and taught in schools for children with special educational needs and emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Having met many children and adults during my career who had lost confidence in their ability to learn and who failed to reach their potential, I became passionate about finding ways to engage learners, inspiring them to find learning satisfying in its own right and relevant to their needs and interests.  I began my research by studying for an Advanced Diploma in Early Years at Homerton College (part of the University of Cambridge).  I was asked to present my findings at several conferences, including going to speak in the USA.  I was also asked to contribute a chapter to Professor Janet Moyles’ book ‘The Excellence of Play’ (2nd edition) and this book is now used in teacher training and professional development.

My research led me to consider the importance of building good relationships with pupils, getting to know them as individuals and using practical equipment, tools, artefacts and stories to promote learning and unlock potential. Traditionally, only children with special educational needs or specific learning difficulties are routinely offered individual or small group support in school. However, I became increasingly convinced that all children have ‘special needs’ in as much as they are all unique individuals with their own interests, strengths and weaknesses.  I began working at St Faith’s School, a prominent, independent preparatory school in Cambridge, and witnessed first-hand the immense benefits all children derive from being taught in small classes with far more individual attention.

After several years of teaching in this way, I secured a secondment to study for my MPhil (Master of Philosophy, 2009) degree at the University of Cambridge.  My research involved children with a wide range of abilities, including those considered to be gifted and those with specific learning difficulties or special educational needs.   This research compounded my belief that all children benefit from individual tuition.  Whether it is to boost confidence, help identify and address gaps in learning, improve exam technique, promote excellence for children with particular gifts and talents or encourage sustained concentration and creativity, I am able to offer a service which is individually tailored to your child.

Exceptional teaching leads to Inspired Learning

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