Terms & Conditions

Please note, by registering your child for lessons you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Lessons will end at the originally agreed timeeven if the pupil arrives/logs on late and, for face-to-face lessons, parents/carers agree to arrive promptly at the end of every lesson to collect their child.

Taster Lesson: The appropriate fee for a single, 60 minute, introductory lesson is paid for in advance via BACs, with no obligation to continue. This includes all resources used during the lesson, plus 10-15 minutes verbal feedback to parents after the end of lesson.

A block of 6 lessons may be booked according to availability, with lesson dates agreed and paid for in advance via BACs, for a total of 6 x the appropriate hourly rate. No refunds are given to clients cancelling any lessons in a block booking for any reason including illness, traffic jams, computer or car problems. However, it may be possible to move an in-person lesson to an online lesson (or vice versa) if doing so would enable the lesson to go ahead as planned at the original time booked.

Ongoing, regular weekly lessons are payable monthly in advance throughout the year, via BACs. Click here for Inspired Learning’s term dates – these differ from school term dates.  Tuition fees include planning and preparation time along with all resources, books and equipment used during the lesson, plus 5 minutes verbal feedback to parents after the end of each lesson, as and when requested.  Please note for pupils having regular weekly lessons:

  • Lessons cancelled with less than one week’s notice are payable in full – this includes cancellation for any reason including holidays, social events, illness, computer problems and traffic jams.
  • A maximum of two regular weekly lessons per term may be cancelled without charge – any fees already paid for these lessons will be carried forward to the next invoice, providing a minimum of one week’s notice is given.  Any further cancellations within each term are payable in full – please see my Term Dates here as these do not necessarily coincide with school term dates.
  • During the school summer holidays, 17th July – 5th September, pupils who have regular weekly lessons are expected to attend a minimum of 3 lessons in order to maintain progress and retain their place. These three lessons are payable with the invoice for July – payable by 1st July. If requested in advance, summer holiday lessons may be arranged at different times/days according to availability.
  • Termination of this agreement: one month’s notice of cancellation is required for regular weekly lessons (or payment in lieu) unless previously agreed otherwise.

Extra and ad hoc Lessons: when available, extra lessons and ad hoc lessons must be paid for at the time of booking and no refunds are given for cancellation. 

Late Fees: all lessons are payable in advance and prompt payment is very much appreciated. Once an invoice has been emailed to you, clients have up to 7 days to settle the account or a £5 late payment fee will be applied. Furthermore, as a last resort, I reserve the right to cancel lessons without notice and/or offer the place to another pupil when, despite a reminder being sent, payment is still overdue. If there are extenuating circumstances, please get in touch so we can discuss the best way forward.

Tutor cancelling lessons – if I have to cancel a lesson for any reason (other than non-payment of invoice) you will not be charged for this lesson. If possible, I will try to find a mutually convenient time for a replacement lesson. If that is not possible, the payment will be carried forward to the next invoice or, in the case of block bookings, or if notice has already been given, the fee will be refunded in full.

Data Protection Agreement: this must be read and signed before lessons commence.