Ask a Teacher

Would you like some ideas to help your child learn playfully?
Would you like some advice on ways to support your child’s learning?
Are you confused by the work being set for your child to do during the current school closures?

I may be able to help

I’d like to make a small contribution towards helping all the teachers and parents who are working so hard and doing their best to educate children during this exceptionally difficult time. I will endeavour to answer any common questions parents have and offer support and guidance wherever I can.  I have 30+ years of teaching experience with children aged 4 -13 years. I can’t promise to answer every question, but I will certainly try to address as many questions as I can.

How can I make learning fun and engaging?

We all learn better when we are able to lose our fear of failure and engage playfully. I will be writing a series of posts on different ways to make learning more playful.

How can I encourage my child to read

One of the few advantages of our enforced isolation is having more time to read. However, many children (and adults) find little pleasure in reading. This section will include hints and tips on ways to support your child’s reading and comprehension.

How can I inspire curiosity and creativity?

Children are born with natural curiosity and a desire to make sense of the world around them. They are also creative and able to express themselves in many different ways. Harnessing children’s natural curiosity and creativity is key to fostering a love of learning.

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