The following are some of my favourite educational websites:

Something for Everyone

Online courses and home learning for children and teens: is a wonderfully comprehensive yet eclectic list of educational websites (compiled by Tom Tolkien and tucked away on the school reading list website). It aims to help parents and teachers find interesting and stimulating online teaching and learning ideas and activities.  There is a mix of free and paid online courses for children and teens, including short and long courses, blended learning, revision (GCSE and A Level), and research-based activities – all of which can be accessed and completed at home and independently.

Home Educators

Happiness is Here : an inspiring blog by a home educator with lots of great ideas and links to activities.

UK Home Education: Home Ed blog which includes information on the legal situation for families in the UK


Reading to children and giving them access to high quality books is a precious gift. Research consistently shows that children whose parents read to them regularly (often for long after they can read to themselves), develop the widest vocabularies and do best in our education system. Parents often ask me to recommend books and these are the websites I encourage them to explore with their children. I also suggest visiting their local library on a regular basis and getting to know the librarians who are often great sources of inspiration.

Recommended Books

  • The School Reading List is an excellent website which has a comprehensive guide to books for children from early years through to their late teenage years. 
  • The Book Trust is another great website for helping children find books to engage and enchant them.  I particularly like their ‘What to Read After’ section, with ideas for other books you might enjoy after finishing one you’ve particularly loved.
  • Love Reading 4 Kids is brilliant for searching by age and genre.  They have a wonderful section on dyslexia friendly books grouped by interest age.

Reading and Writing


Poetry for younger children Listen to some of the world’s best poems for young children read aloud

Poetry for older children and teens Listen to an amazing array of poems read aloud

Michael Rosen: – a fantastic series of videos with Michael Rosen reading his poems aloud.


A wonderful blog about picturebooks for all ages


Writing Wizard – Handwriting App for iPads and Tablets – super tool for teaching correct letter formation (left & right handed)

Guidance for left handed writers:


There are three different phonics schemes commonly used by schools – check with your child’s school which they use

These two websites are also useful for phonic activities:




National Curriculum in England Mathematics programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2 

Nrich – a maths enrichment site for children 5-18 managed by the University of Cambridge

Maths is Fun: a comprehensive Maths dictionary with explanations and lots of fun interactives

Primary Homework Help for Maths

Multiplication games, quizzes and worksheets

Maths Shed – paid subscription

Jenny Eather’s: a maths dictionary for kids.  I particularly like this quick reference maths dictionary which has illustrated examples and simple explanations for maths vocabulary.  It’s a super reference point for tricky homework.

Maths Manipulatives are excellent online tools that help children have a concrete understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Hit the button is a fast paced game from Top Marks Education and is fantastic for kids, as they only need to beat their personal best in 60 seconds. I’ve been using this since I first started teaching.



BBC Bitesize Science

Primary Homework Help for Science (formally Woodlands School)

Physics modelling fun

Steve Spangler’s Sick Science: Science experiment videos for children


Humanities, Arts & Cross Curricular:

BBC Bitesize KS 2

Oak National Academy – huge range of lessons plans, videos and resources in many subjects

Primary Homework Help (formally Woodlands School)

Coxhoe School cross curricular topic work

Educational Games – Academic Skills Builder – fun and educational

Project Britain

London Topic 


The Big Life Journal :Many children I tutor have experienced  lack of confidence in their academic abilities.  Using growth mindset enables them to become proactive with their learning journey. These resources at The Big Life Journal Growth Mindset for Children may help you to support your child.

Buying Books and Resources:

Books Price – a price comparison site that helps you find the best price for any book

Open Library

Gutenberg Library:


Local Independent Schools Entrance Assessments

I have a great deal of experience preparing children for 11+ and entrance exams for local schools including:

For Teachers and Tutors – a searchable tuition agency free to use for both parents and tutors

First Tutors – a searchable database of verified tutors – parents pay a small introductory fee (free for tutors)

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