Tuition Fees

Payment is via BACs.

Tuition Fees include planning and preparation time along with all resources, books and equipment used during the lesson, plus 5 minutes verbal feedback to parents after the end of each lesson, as and when requested.

Taster Lessons: an initial taster lesson may be booked for a fee of £50, payable in advance, with no obligation to continue. This includes a 50-minute lesson and an additional 20 minute discussion with parents immediately afterwards.

Weekly Lessons: following a taster lesson, if a regular weekly lesson is available and you wish to book ongoing tuition, lessons are payable monthly in advance. Click here for term dates

A block of 6 lessons may be booked according to availability, with lesson dates agreed and paid for in advance, for a total of 6 x the appropriate hourly rate (see below)

Extra and ad hoc Lessons: when available, extra lessons and ad hoc lessons must be paid for at the time of booking.

Late Fees: all lessons are payable in advance and prompt payment is very much appreciated. Once an invoice has been emailed to you, clients have up to 7 days to settle the account or a £5 late payment fee will be applied. Furthermore, I reserve the right to cancel lessons without notice when payment is overdue and/or offer the place to another pupil.

Discounts: a 5% discount is offered to clients booking two or more regular lessons per week or an extra block of 6 or more lessons during school holidays. A £10 credit will be given as a token of appreciation to any current client who recommends my tution service to another client if that client goes on to book one or more lessons.

KS1 & KS2 (ages 5-11)

  • Tuition for 1/2 hour –     £25
  • Tuition for 1 hour  –        £45
  • Tuition for 1.5 hours  –   £65

KS 3 (ages 11-13)

  • Tuition for 1/2 hour –     £27.50
  • Tuition for 1 hour –      £50
  • Tuition for 1.5 hours –    £72.50

KS 4 and above (ages 13-16)

  • Tuition for 1/2 hour –     £30
  • Tuition for 1 hour –     £55
  • Tuition for 1.5 hours –    £80

Students 16+ – Adults

  • Tuition for 1/2 hour –     £32.50
  • Tuition for 1 hour –     £60
  • Tuition for 1.5 hours –   £87.50

Please note: Lessons cancelled with less than one week’s notice will be charged for in full. A maximum of two lessons per term may be cancelled without charge – please see my Term Dates here as these do not necessarily coincide with school term dates.

Written Reports may be provided upon request for an additional fee of £10 per 200 words or part thereof.

Additional Meetings and/or telephone calls with parents and/or (at parents’ request) other professional services (e.g. school teachers, educational psychologists, speech and language therapists) are charged at £25 per 30 minutes or part thereof.

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